What is thermal imaging?

                                      Fur density and position, the metabolic activity etc. vary. The data in
                                      Thermal imaging camera measures these irradiation temperatures and changes        
thesePictures. These pictures are then processed effortfully at the computer
                                      and analyse.

                                      Every horse has its quite own surface temperature patterns the himself also again and
                                      again changing according to the circumstances. So there are no firm reference values.

                                      Become the different body sections in standardized photos addictedly
                                      processed by their circulation thermografiert and following correspondingly
                                      and analyse. It is not the horse possibly with a "whole body photo"
                                      judging meaningfully. As a rule, a standard examination contains 40-50
                                      Took and should be the basis of a thermographic examination alway

                                              Hot or cold

                                     This one becomes going with the horse with the help of the camera of the dead animal                                      Infrared radiation shown. So the warmth sample of the body is represented, this is marked  
by the metabolism processes. Visible warmth is clear The
                                     circulation is amplified sign for inflammations and injuries, here. One
                                     Cold sample can let itself be seen if the circulation is disturbed

                               Early diagnosis

                                     At this way of the illustration of the horse health himself is the special that this one
                                    Be able to to show changes in the horse already then, if himself no-one yet
                                     Pathology points. These are already more than two weeks from a lameness
                                     Seeing metabolic changes in the thermal image. Unclear complaints how
                                     Kick disturbances, relieving postures, drive weakness and sudden appearing
                                     Sensibilitšten therefore are part also of the most frequent reasons, from the
                                     Thermography user being called

                          Control of the training and tournament course

                                     Besides the cases with unclear complaints becomes the thermal imaging primarily under   
this  Area of the tournament support taken up. Rider in the elevated and in this Top-level  
sport use the illustration of the surface temperature patterns for the education and Analysis
                                     of the tournament results. There himself about the metabolism early a trend  the training
                                     points to bracings and compensations, still can in front of this one Markedness of a
                                     pathology being adapted and switched over. Sometimes it suffices  giving quiet or changing  
the training plan a couple of days. Already short time  later, the control photo then shows
                                     a change of the thermal image to this Normal condition.

                                     Why thermal imaging?

                                     The infrared thermal imaging goes this one from a completely different direction
                                    Formulation close. Heat emissions are searched and documented,
                                     these differ from the "normal" one. Finding the striking warmth areas (Hot commercials)
                                     we in every inflammation process, because the metabolism is increased. Areas, where
                                    metabolism less is the be held tight as a cold sample. The single ones
                                   distinctive features indicate the real problem zone thermographic. It can
                                   is with a completely different place as the first impression suggests

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