Applications of the thermal imaging

                                       The thermography is suited for recognizing weaknesses with the horse excellently before                                        these become problems. This applies to breeding animals, promising foals and Young      
horses, sports or leisure horses and in quite special measure
 High performance horses  
with the injury risks characteristic of them for the muskuloskeletale  System. The
                                       thermography offers insights of just with high performance horses  till now unknown
                                       information in the muscle and nerve strata. Before it comes to symptoms with the horse,  
the deviation still can be recognized. Through this it is possible, overtaxings and being  
missing loads with complaints  avoiding for the horse as well as failures in the

                                       Stress-free examination

                                       Thermal imaging is completely contactless and can on-site in every stable carried out
                                       becoming. The horse is impaired in no way and must still neither fixatedly in
arcosis being moved. Thermal imaging is arbitrarily often repeatable
The infrared thermal imaging is suitable primarily as diagnosis support into
                                       this one
the tfollowing areas:

                                        clarification of all not clear complaints at the legs, tendons and joints
                                          Musculature, skin and hooves as well as on jaw and teeth
 examination of the head organs (asymmetries, overheating, undercooling.)
 results analysis at back problems, muscular Dysbalancen and inner illnesses
 general sanitary control
                                        preventive medical checkup of the muskuloskeletalen system on a faultless function
                                       (e.g. before tournaments, versatility examinations or distance rides.)
  control of the saddle layer
•  observation of almost all skin diseases and distinctive features
                                         testing to tphysioherapeutischen treatments running away from
                                        addition at purchase examinations
•  cause analysis at lameness, movement and drive disturbances,
                                       Relieving postures, kick disturbances, Übersensibilitäten and swellings
  documentable statements concerning most different therapeutical measures
profit you of my long-standing experience:
                                           stands me for the competent execution and high quality standards of the
                                                     measu  ring.  an efficient infrared camera system is used  with integrated software
high-quality thermal images and precise one analysis and documentation.

                                                 •  our performances cover all coordinations with you and the veterinary surgeon   
on the spot, theseThermal imaging photos as well as the processing and docu
                                          mentation of the thermal images.


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