We cash up after the G O T.
C harges
                               O rder
                               V eterinary surgeons

                                Scale of charges


                                      This applies particularly to Physio therapeutical treatments
                                      the practice for horse physiotherapy


                                Stand kind of thermography diagnostics

                                       Horses                                                     150,-
                                      Small animals                                           70,-  
                                      Control of the fit factor of the saddle      60.
                                                additional time expenditure approx. 1/2 hour

                                      Testing of the cure course

                                      Horses                                                       50.
                                      Small animals                                           25.

                                     Journey co

                                               Journey to 10 km - journey cost-free

                                               Journey 10 km to 100 km -                   per km  0.40  

                                               Journey over 100 km on inquiry.

                                                For the performance analysis of sport and tournament support
                                                We negotiated with the customer a fixed price

                                               Horses and small animals get for an out-patient diagnostics also into ours
                                               Practice being brought. Please make an appointment with our office for this

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