Care of athletes and sport horses via training plan
                     in conjunction with thermography - Continuous ECG
                                           and magnetic resonance therapy
                With these resources, we bring you and your horse
                                                            in the sport at the highest level

                                                  We will work until another 14 days with the horse.
                            This allows us to make us an overall impression of the previous training of the
                        horse and,  after expiration of this time a targeted plan for realistic expectations
                                        and according to the fortune of the horse. You will be notified regularly of the
                   progress of your horse.

                                        We make in advance a health check of your horse with a continuous ECG is
                                 monitored while your horse. Following will be made ​​by the horse thermography
                                pictures this time, about 500 images created of the entire musculoskeletal system
                                        and analyze them in a special software to the smallest detail.

                                        Even athletes from thermographic images are created to detect misalignment or
                                        other problems or interference in the run.

                                        After careful evaluation of the thermographic images, we will be the system
                                        of magnetic-resonance therapy using an ideal training for your horse to achieve.

                                        On magnetic resonance therapy, please read the following instructions:
Please click here:

                                        For more information, please contact me via email or phone at your disposal.
                                        I am happy to take care of their seasonal show horses at home or at the tournament.
                                        You can book individual appointments for example, special events or prolonged care
                                         for an affordable, fixed monthly price negotiable in advance!


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